Lenten Journey


After considerable prayer, the Council and Staff have decided to cancel all face-to-face worship and church activities from now until at least April 17, in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus. We will be regularly assessing the ongoing development and provide updates as they are made available.

Our Holy Week and Sunday Worship services are going digital and online. To join us, head to our LuthCGoodShphrd YouTube Channel for Family-to-Family Worship:

May God’s richest blessings, peace, healing, and protection surround you all!


Holy Conversations…

Listening, Praying, and
Speaking in Love Through
40 Days of Lent and Holy Week, 2020

You are invited for Lent…

  • To give up the need to speak first.
  • Instead, to listen, pray, speak in love, and help others. You never know when you may hear the voice of God as you listen.
    • What is Jesus gently telling you?
    • How is Jesus connecting with people? Do they feel he hears them?
    • Jesus also prayed as a way to listen.
    • How does Jesus stay in touch with people?
    • Does Jesus just do all the listening or does he expect us to also listen?
    • Do people just listen or speak to him without his listening in return?

     Listening in Praying, Speaking, and Acting in Love…For your Lenten Discipline

Sundays (with services at 8:15 and 10:45 am; KFW at 10 am)
  • March 1
  • March 8
  • March 15
  • March 22
  • March 29
Wednesday Worship @ 7 pm (come to supper and conversation at 6 pm)
  • March 4
  • March 11
  • March 18
  • March 25
  • April 1
In Holy Conversations: The Holy Path of Jesus listening and loving in his last week
  • Palm Sunday – April 5 – Join us online at:
    • We will begin outside in traditional Palm Sunday style, celebrating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.
  • Maundy Thursday – April 9 – 7 pm – Join us online via our LuthCGoodShphrd YouTube Channel:
    • We celebrate, ponder, and embrace the life forgiving food given to us through God’s loving grace as we remember the first Passover and the Last Supper.
  • Good Friday – April 10 – 7 pm – Join us online via our LuthCGoodShphrd YouTube Channel:
    • We will experience God’s boundless grace as we share in the hauntingly beautiful music and deepening darkness of the ancient Tenebrae worship
  • Easter Sunday – April 12 – Join us online via our LuthCGoodShphrd YouTube Channel:
    • Christ is risen!! We rejoice in the grace and forgiveness bestowed on us through Christ’s resurrection with victorious hymns and resounding praise.
      • 7:45am – Dressing of the Altar
      • 8:00am – Easter Worship
      • 9:00am – Easter Breakfast
      • 9:30am – Easter Egg Hunt
      • 10:00am – Kid-Friendly Worship
      • 10:45am – Easter Worship

for your servant is listening. “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” (1 Samuel 3:10b & Matthew 17:5)

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